Chunk Candles

The increasing popularity of candles is pushing candle makers to invent newer, cutting edge versions to please the eye of consumers. The one most interesting to look at is chunk candles. These latest versions are not only a treat to look at, but offer an array of choices for everyone. Although some people prefer them for decorative purposes and choose not to burn them, they can still be enjoyed just as much.

Chunk candles are created by placing several small colored wax chunks in a mold, then pouring a clear wax over the chunks to bind the candle together, thus creating a breath taking effect. The wax chunks can be simple cube shaped, or can even be shaped into different objects such as cute little animals or heart shapes, creating a unique one of a kind candle.

Chunk candles make wonderful gifts, as they appeal to most everyone. You don’t have to be a candle lover to enjoy these. Around Christmas time, you can find chunk candles that are made with shapes of gingerbread boys and girls, christmas trees, and even chunks that are made to look like candy canes. For the new mother, a chunk candle made with delicate baby shapes makes a unique shower gift. Candles made from heart shaped chunks or flower shapes are a great way to show your love.

Candle making is a wonderful pastime. Supplies are becoming more readily available in craft stores or even discount stores. Candle making instructions can also be purchased in stores, or is even available on the Internet. Chunk candles are a fun version to experiment with. First, create the wax color of your choice by melting wax and adding which ever colors you wish for the desired effect.

Different scents can even be added if desired. Next, pour the melted wax in an oiled sheet pan, place aside until completely cooled. Once the wax is completely cooled, cut into small cubes. Place a wick in candle mold, and arrange the cubes in the mold in whichever pattern you desire, depending on the effect you are looking for. Melt clear wax and fill the rest of candle mold, overlaying the chunks. Once completely cooled you’ll have a unique candle ready for enjoyment. Once the process is mastered, you’ll save money creating your own candles and have a wonderful, rewarding hobby.

Candle makers everywhere are striving to come up with the next greatest version of this illuminating object. Although candles have been around for centuries, there is no end to these beauties. They not only provide us with light, a necessity, they can be beautiful works of art. Chunk candles shy away from traditional candles used primarily for burning, and open a whole new world of possibilities. They are beautiful, and can be made to accommodate any shape or preference. They have paved the way for the candles that will be created tomorrow.