Hand Made Soy Candles

Nothing can be as much fun as making your own handmade soy candles. You can easily do this using jars or molds. When you are first starting out making candles, you should try them in jars. As you advance, you can use molds. Any mold will work, by the way, for a candle. Many people use tin molds or those made of metal. You can also use toilet paper holders as molds, believe it or not, and they work very well. The following is a list of what you need to make handmade soy candles:

    • Jars
    • Wicks
    • Wick holders
    • Soy wax
    • Scent (optional)
    • Dye (optional)
    • Metal container to melt wax and wooden spoon

Once you are set with all of your supplies, you can get started. You should first set up the wick in the jar. You should affix it to a metal wick holder that you can purchase either online or at a craft store and then put it on the bottom of the jar. You can then make sure that the wick stays in the center of the jar by attaching it around a pencil and laying the pencil flat across the top of the jar.

Melt the wax in a double boiler over the stove or over low heat. Once the soy wax is completely melted, add your dye and your scent. You can use ordinary food dye to do this. The more drops of dye you use, the darker the color. This is a lot like coloring Easter eggs.

You do not have to add dye or scent but the candles will obviously be more pleasant with these items. If you are using the scent from the craft store, beware that this is not pure essential oil but synthetic oil. It cannot be used for aromatherapy purposes unless it is 100 percent pure essential oil. You only need a few drops of the scent but the more you put, the stronger the scent.

A word about scent in a candle - the better the scent oils that you use and the more pure, the better the scent of the candle.

Once everything has been blended together, the soy wax will look just like a clear liquid. You can them carefully pour it into jars. Allow the jars to set at room temperature for a day or so until they harden. Once the wax is hard, you can then cut the wick from the pencil so that it stands straight up and can be lit. if you purchase wick in the craft store, it will be wax coated. If you want to make your own wick out of hemp or twine, you can do so but must first coat it with wax and allow the wax to dry so that it will burn better.

It can be a family event making your own handmade soy candles. These can be given out as gifts to friends and family members or made to sell at craft fairs. You can even make up your own labels on the computer for your own handmade soy candles.

Always be very careful when dealing with the wax when heating and pouring. This wax is very hot and can cause severe damage.