Soy Jar Candles

It is easier than ever to make soy jar candles.  These candles can be scented or unscented.  Soy candles are more desirable because they are more eco friendly than regular wax candles.  They burn cleaner and do not emit soot into the air. 

You can make soy jar candles by getting the right materials.  You can purchase the soy wax as well as the other ingredients that you need and make the candles easily.  These make great gifts to give to people as well as great ideas for craft shows. 

If you want to make soy jar candles, you need to get some jars.  Most often, canning jars are used to make soy jar candles.  You will also need to purchase soy wax.  Soy wax is better than traditional wax as it burns longer and cleaner.  When you burn regular wax, you will notice black smoke in the air.  You will not get this with soy wax. 

If you want to scent the soy jar candles you will need to get some essential oil.  Do not confuse this with perfume oil.  This is usually sold online or in health stores.  You can usually find candle scents in craft stores but this is usually not pure essential oils.  Pure essential oils are derived from natural products such as lavender, rose and other plants and flowers. 

You can also purchase candle dye to color the candles.  If you are scenting the candles, you will want to color them a color that will invoke the image of the scent.  For example, if you are making a pumpkin spice candle, you will not want to use blue for the dye.

After the soy wax is melted and the drops of scent and dye are properly disbursed into the wax, you can pour it into the jars.  However, you will need to have wicks in the jars so that you will be able to light the candles.  Wicks should also be coated with dried wax to allow them to burn better.  There are metal wick holders that are usually affixed to the bottom of the jar. You can use individual wicks that stand straight up or wick string.  If you use loose wick string, you can tie it around a pencil and lay it across the top of the jar until the soy wax gets hard.  At that time, you can cut the wick and remove the pencil.  You will then have a candle. 

In addition to using canning jars which are very ornamental, you can also use jars that your purchase online.  You can make up your own candle labels right on your computer.  Soy jar candles can make an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys candles as most people cannot get enough of these type of candles. 

If you do not want to make soy jar candles, you can purchase them in a variety of different places including online outlets where you can usually get a good deal.  Soy jar candles make excellent gifts not only for friends and family, but also for yourself.  Once you try one of these new type of candles, you will notice the clean burn and want to switch to soy candles permanently.