Heavily Scented Candles

The candle market is one of the most popular markets these days. It seems that stores can’t keep these scented wonders stocked long enough to satisfy the growing demand. They can be used for all sorts of purposes from decorative to aromatherapy.

Candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, scents, and even textures. The vast array of scents on the market offers a scent for virtually everyone. Whether you prefer the subtle scent of lavender, or a familiar scent like sugar cookie, you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy.

Amongst the different scents, many merchants offer heavily scented candles. These can be useful for those who wish to enjoy a candle for it’s decorative beauty and not for traditional burning. Heavily scented candles are usually those that can be smelled even when standing a distance from it. Those candles that you have to pick up to smell are generally not heavily scented

What makes these candles heavily scented is the amount of fragrance used when making it. Regular candles usually are made with a half ounce of essential oil or fragrance. The fragrance added to heavily scented candles is usually tripled and contains about one and a half ounces of fragrance. .

Some important things to remember when purchasing a heavily scented candle is to avoid purchasing candles that are sold unwrapped. Pillar candles which are popular for their simplicity and solidarity, are most often sold unwrapped. These will more than likely loose their scent before you are even close to the end of the candle. The scent from these heavily scented candles has been known to evaporate when the candle is exposed to air.

Although candles would seem like great gifts to give, one must consider any possible scent-related allergies the intended recipient may have.It seems that more and more people are becoming more sensitive to different scents. Especially in the heavily scented candles, the amount of fragrance can sometimes be very overpowering. Choose familiar scents such as apple pie, or vanilla. These scents are usually tolerated well because of their subtlety. The scent of baked goods is usually a pleasurable scent for most.

Heavily scented candles in aromatherapy scents are a great choice and are usually well tolerated. They contain certain essential oils that have been known to aid in the relief of headaches and stress. There are even aromatherapy scents that promise to revive you and perk up your senses.

Because they can come in virtually any shape, size, and scent, the popularity of candles will likely be around for years to come. The market is constantly changing and there is always someone who comes out with another unusual scent or texture. Heavily scented candles are a great choice, but because of their stronger scent, require a little more consideration.