Natural Soy Candles

Candles are becoming a part of most households these days. They are used for various reasons, making a room smell better, creating ambiance, even as a light source. There are also a lot of negative aspects to candle burning. The most obvious one is fire. The number of candle-related fires and or injuries reported each year is frightening. There are also some other health risks involved in wax candles.

Traditional candles are most often made from paraffin. Paraffin is a petroleum based product derived from crude oil. Burning it can increase carbon dioxide levels in the air. It burns at a very high temperature which can cause burns if touched. Candles made from other kinds of wax such as beeswax also have a high melting point. Another concern has been the dangers lurking in the wicks used to produced candles. It was discovered that they did contain lead, which can be very harmful if ingested in the body. The United States eventually banned the production of lead wicks, but there is a chance they are still being sold.

A great alternative to paraffin based candles are natural soy candles. These candles are produced from hydrogenated soybean oil. There are no harsh additives or chemicals making them all natural. Natural soy candles burn incredibly clean and you won’t get the thick layer of black soot as with traditional candles. They also have a lower burning point which gives a less of a chance of getting scaled by hot wax.Not to mention the lower melting point means that they will last a lot longer than wax candles. These candles are also much easier to clean. A wax spill from a soy candle can be usually cleaned up with simple soap and water. Perhaps most importantly, natural soy candles are more eco-friendly. They are non-toxic, and biodegradable.

The history of the soy candle is quite interesting. Unlike wax candles which have been around for centuries, soy candles are still making a name for themselves. The first natural soy candle is said to have been made in 1996 by a group of college students. They created a birthday candle made from soybean oil and were awarded first place.

Since 1996, many consumers have realized the true benefits of natural soy candles. They are discovering that with these candles, you can still have the beauty of a candle, and also be a little more friendlier to the planet. It seems that everyone these days are discovering just how harsh certain chemical additives can be not just to our planet, but our bodies as well. The future for these candles is bright as candle makers everywhere strive to make candles safer and healthier for all.