Tealight Candle Holders

Tealight candle holders can hold small candles that are often called tealight candles.  These are given this name because they were often used to heat up pots of tea.  You can get tealight candle holders made from tin or brass. 

In addition to using tealight candle holders to hold tealight candles, you can also use them to make candles.  You can simply pour in the wax or soy mixture into the tin that is fitted with a wick and wait for the mixture to harden.  Tealight candles can be made with any type of tin mold.  They should be sprayed first with a no stick spray such as a spray made from vegetable oil. 

Some tealight candle holders have religious significance and are used to hang in the entryway of homes.  They can be hung in the doorway or off to the side of the home.  These are usually made of brass or pewter.  They would not be the type of tealight candle holders that you would use to make candles.  These would simply hold the candles so that they can be lit. 

Because tealight candles are small candles, you can use your imagination when it comes to making tealight candle holders.  One way to do this is to get a fishbowl and float some candles on the top of it and allow them stay lit for as long as possible.  Usually, people do not put a lot of money into tealight candles because they do not last a long time.  They will usually last for an evening.  If you fill up a fishbowl with water, add some colored marbles at the bottom and float some tealight candles on the top, it can be a nice added touch for your dinner party. 

Brass tealight candle holders usually last the longest and will also cost the most.  They are the ones that are used in religious services and for religious significance.  If you are lighting a novena, for example, you will want to use a tealight candle holder. 

You can purchase tealight candle holders at any place where you can purchase candles.  The best place to purchase these products is online.  This is because you can usually get the best deal for your money when you look around online.  You can even purchase them on auction sites for a lot less than you can expect to pay in the store. 

Unusual looking tealight candle holders can make a fine addition to your home and can really be a nice gift to give someone.  Most people like candles but often do not purchase them for themselves.  You can give someone a box of tealight candles that do not cost a lot of money along with an ornamental tealight candle holder that they can use over and over again.  The more unusual the holder, the more unique the gift. 

Look for unique tealight candle holders online and find one that will suit the personality of the person to whom you are giving a gift.  They will be happy to get such a thoughtful gift and will probably use it often.