Hand Poured Pillar Candles

You can make your own hand poured pillar candles easily as long as you have the right materials. Pillar candles can be made from just about any type of mold. One of the easiest ways to make a pillar candle is to use an empty toilet paper roll. Another mold that is very effective is a paper milk carton.

You will want to spray the inside of the mold with non stick vegetable oil spray before you begin. You will then need to make sure that you can insert a wick. In the case of a pillar candle, the wick will come out both ends. If you are making a pillar candle out of a toilet paper holder, you need to put the wick in through the entire tube and tie it at one end to a pencil. Pull it taut through the other end.

You have to put the tube onto something where it can stick but will not melt. You can superglue the tube to a paper plate but remember that the wick should be all of the way at the bottom of the tube. Thus, the toilet paper holder is sprayed with vegetable oil spray on the inside, a wick has been threaded through and is tied to a pencil that lays over the top of the tube and the bottom of the tube is attached to the paper plate. You are ready to go.

The trick is to wait until the melted wax is a little bit hardened before pouring it into the tube, otherwise, it will run out off the ends. You pour it in and some will come out the end but that is okay. Always be very careful when handling the wax.

Once the wax had hardened, you can tear off the paper from the toilet paper roll and you should have a hand poured taper candle. It may be a little rough. The way to get it smooth so that it looks like one that you would buy in a store is to then dip it into hot wax and allow it to dry. You may have to dip it several times before it dries completely smooth.

There are molds and kits that you can use to make hand poured pillar candles These can then be adorned with photos and emblems and even carved. Once you understand the concept of making candles, you can then make pillar candles as well as jar candles with ease. Hand poured pillar candles seldom look like those in the store because they have not been dipped. You will see that when you remove the candle from the mold that it will look a bit rough in certain spots. The only way to get it to look completely smooth is to dip it, which is the traditional way that taper candles were made years ago.

Hand poured pillar candles can make nice gifts for anyone who likes candles. They can be made either scented or unscented. Part of the allure of these type of candles are that they do look home made and many people prefer the natural look of hand poured pillar candles.