Soy Pillar Candles

If you want to make soy pillar candles it is easy enough to do.  You just have to follow the same instructions on how to make regular pillar candles but replace paraffin wax with soy wax so that you get a cleaner burning candle.  

In order to make soy pillar candles, you will need to have the following supplies:

Soy wax
A long wick (at least the length of the pillar)
A pillar mold
Scent (optional)
Color (optional)

Melt the soy wax in double boiler over medium heat until it is completely liquid.  Then add the scent and the color.  The more scent that you use, the stronger the scent of the candle.  The same goes for color.  These are both optional but as candles are seldom used for light and are used for décor and scent, the color of the candle and the aroma are usually what makes people want to light the candle.  

If you are using a paper mold or an open ended mold that is not secure at the base, you will want to make sure that you pour the wax in after it has thickened.  You want to pack it down into the tube as much as you can so that he whole tube is filled.  The wick should be inserted first and should be a pre-waxed wick.  It should come out of both ends of the tube.  

When the wax is completely hardened, you can then cut away the tube.  The result will be a lumpy looking candle.  In order to get it smooth, you will have to dip it, repeatedly, in hot wax and allow it to dry.  Then dip it again.  Taper candles are made the same way.  Each time you dip the candle, it will be smoother.  If you want added gloss to the soy pillar candles, you can then add glycerin to the dipping mix.  

It can be very time consuming to make soy pillar candles but the end result is well worth it.  Do not be afraid to try different types of unique molds as well.  There are candle molds that you can use to make soy pillar candles that can be used easily.  These can usually contain the wax that is liquid and there is not much of a need for dipping.

Making soy pillar candles can be a fun project for the entire family.  If you enjoy crafts and want to give someone a unique gift, consider making soy pillar candles.  If you do not want to go through the trouble, you can find soy pillar candles at many stores online.

Soy candles are now more popular than traditional wax candles because they burn easier and cleaner.  There is not a lot of soot in the air when they burn and they will burn in less time as well, making them last longer.  They are generally not as smooth as traditional wax candles, but with careful work, you can make them look smoother.  You can also carve them so that they look more like a pillar of art.  Soy pillar candles can be used for a variety of different purposes and make excellent gifts.