Scented Jar Candles

If you want to get a gift for someone or even for yourself, you should consider getting scented jar candles. These are usually lightly or heavily scented and can give off a pleasant aroma throughout a room. They come in all shapes and sizes and are usually put in canning jars.

You can make scented jar candles by pouring wax into a canning jar. You can purchase canning jars at your local supermarket or hardware store. Canning jars are usually used to can fruits and jams. They are also excellent for making scented candles.

In order to make scented candles, you can use paraffin wax or soy. You need essential oils and natural dyes to add to the candle. Essential oils are those that are derived from all natural plants, flowers or other organic materials. In order to get the best scented candles, you need to use the best scents. Good essential oils that are 100 percent natural are expensive but will give you the best scent. Many scented jar candles use a mixture of essential oils, which can also be used to make perfume, in order to get the perfect scent.

Pure essential oils are too expensive to use to make commercial scented candles. Just as perfumes are usually made with synthetic ingredients so are most candles. The better the essential oils and the more concentrated, the better the scent in the candle.

You can experiment with different scents and mix them together to see what you like for your candle scents and make up your own names. Making your own scented jar candles can be fun and is a great way to give someone a gift on a budget.

If you decide that you want to purchase scented jar candles, you can do so online or in a number of different outlets, including most stores. Because many people make their own candles, they can usually be found at craft shows and consignment shops. While soy candles tend to be a bit lumpy and not as smooth as paraffin wax candles, they burn easier and cleaner.

Whether you want to make scented jar candles as gifts for other people or you want to make them for yourself, you need to make sure that you have the proper ingredients. Remember that in order to get the good scent, you will need to have good essential oil. While you may want to skimp on the dye and the wax, you do not want to skimp on the essential oils because that is what will give the candles their scent.

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients such as wax, essential oils, dyes, jars and proper implements, you can melt down the wax, mix in the dye and the essential oils scents and then pour the candles into jars. The jars should be fitted with wicks that are affixed to the bottom of the jar. You can then tie the wick onto a pencil that you lay across the opening of the jar so that it sits straight until the candle sets. Once the wax or the soy hardens, you can untie the wick and cut it so that the candle can be burned.

People tend to like scented jar candles because they do not need holders. They also have caps that come with them so that they can be sealed when not in use and the scent held with the candle.