Floating Candles

Floating candles are the newest and possibly the prettiest candles to join the ever growing candle market. Unlike traditional cylindrical or round candles, floating candles are small, and are molded into various shapes. They are available in flower shaped, suns, moons, and fruit slices just to name a few. Hence their name, floating candles are usually placed in bowls of water where they are lit as they float on top of the water.

These candles provide a one of a kind beauty that no traditional candle can match. Floating candles provide a warm, relaxing ambiance which is just one of the many reasons their popularity is growing. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, leaving the possibilities endless. Floating candles that are scented are an added bonus to an already breathtaking view. Just watching these twinkling candles afloat in a bowl of water can provide hours of enjoyment for everyone.

Creativity is key when working with floating candles. You can use any sort of bowl to float candles in. Instead of plain water, try adding different things to your bowl for an added effect. Colored stones provide a mesmerizing addition to any floating candle bowl. Sprinkle rose petals in the water amongst the candles for a touch of added romance. Tint the water various shades by adding a drop of food coloring. This is especially beautiful in a clear glass bowl.

Floating candles come in larger sizes which are perfect for floating in your pool or on a pond. Imagine surprising a loved one with a romantic boat ride for two on a pond all aglow with twinkling floating candles. Add some sparkle to your next outdoor party by floating some candles in your pool while guests mingle around. After a stressful day, lighten the mood by floating candles in your bathtub. (Make sure you remove the candles from the water if you decide to get in the tub too).

Making your own floating candles can save you money and gives you control over what your candles will look and smell like. You can choose color, scent, size, and shape. It is a fairly simple process. With a little practice, it is sure to provide you with hours of enjoyment. It may take a few tries to get your candles to float. If for some reason you can’t seem to get them to float, rest assured that you can always use them as a traditional burning candle places in a decorative candle holder.

Floating candles are a lovely addition to virtually anything. Whether you are adding a floating candle bowl as a center piece, or even giving one as a gift, there is no end to what you can do with them. They will provide any atmosphere with a calmness only a floating candle is able to provide.